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Love Modern Pools? These Features are a Must for Your Contemporary Charlotte Pool Design

shutterstock_150150737Modern interior and exterior design principles have extended all the way to the swimming pool, bringing contemporary classiness in residential properties to a whole new level. If you consider yourself an aficionado of modern pools, make a point of keeping the following contemporary pool features in your mind while you look into Charlotte pool design.


Angular designs: Gone are the days of the circular swimming pool. Nowadays, contemporary pool obsessives want their pool to match up with the modern design of their home. In many cases, that means sharp and distinct angles with a lot of rectangles. You might even consider creating a long and narrow rectangular pool to better accentuate your home’s architecture and your yard’s landscaping.


Tasteful Tiling: The arrangements and patterns of the stones, both in and around your pool, can be features that add worlds of beauty to your modern pool. Crystalline mosaic tiling inside the pool, contrasted by modern rectangular stone decking outside of it, is a tasteful modern technique that has caused quite a wave in Charlotte pool design.


Water and fire features: Modern pools aren’t just spots to swim and relax in the summertime. On the contrary, a contemporary pool should also be a visual wonder that wows guests and makes you feel more content with your living situation, all in one fell swoop. Waterfalls and in-pool fountains can be the kinds of pool features that perfectly strike the balance between classic and modern. Fire features, on the other hand, can add a fascinating dynamic of contrast to your pool and can make summertime cookouts and nighttime swim sessions as beautiful as a beachside resort.


In-Pool Illumination: Speaking of nighttime swim sessions, fire isn’t the only pool feature that can add a nice splash of light and color to your pool. Glow stones and filtered color lights can turn your modern pool into a nighttime visual attraction that is at once both haunting and alluring. 

The Best Patio and Deck Water Features for Your Charlotte Backyard

A Charlotte backyard should offer a beautiful environment for the family to relax, have fun, and play in all day long.  Adding water features to a deck or patio can create a calming environment, a natural atmosphere, or just a day of crazy water fun.  Backyard design ideas which include water features such as splash pads, deck jets, fountains, or bubblers each add their own atmosphere to a Charlotte backyard.

Charlotte Backyard, Lombardo Pools

Splash Pads.  Splash pads continue to be a child’s favorite playground.  Because they contain no standing water, they are a safe alternative to a pool.  Their varying nozzles can spray or shower water in a variety of different ways, providing hours of outdoor play for kids of all ages.  In Charlotte, backyard fun is endless with the addition of a splash pad.

Deck Jets.  Deck jets are arches of water which begin on the deck or patio, and often end in the pool.  They can be enhanced with unique lighting or placed in areas on the deck that create a gorgeous water display.  Deck jets are not only fun for kids and adults alike to enjoy in the pool, but they also provide an aesthetic beauty for any Charlotte backyard.

Fountains.  An outdoor fountain or bubbler can provide a variety of soothing sounds that can be useful for stress relief and even meditation.  Whether a homeowner would prefer the rushing sound of a waterfall or the light patter of raindrops, relaxation is always one of the benefits of including these sounds into a landscape.  Fountains also attract a variety of birds to any Charlotte backyard, which assists with the pollination of flowers in the garden.  

Adding water features like splash pads, deck jets, and fountains can increase the value of a home.  These simple additions create a beautiful and unique atmosphere in any Charlotte backyard, which is not only attractive to family and friends for a gathering, but potential buyers as well.