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Two Amazing Fall Outdoor Living Recipes

Planning to entertain friends in that great outdoor kitchen? When choosing fall recipes to use, look no further than grilled pizza. Grilled pizza is unusual and delicious and, like any pizza, can be topped with most anything you can dream up.

There are few rules to follow when grilling pizza. Since most of the heat comes from underneath, you’ll need to grill the dough on one side, and then flip it over and top it to melt the cheese and cook the bottom. Don’t overload the crusts with toppings; too much sauce will make the dough soggy. Some toppings, like vegetables, should be grilled separately first, because the pizzas aren’t on the grill very long. The next time you invite friends over for a great Charlotte outdoor living experience, treat them to one of these delicious fall recipes.

Grilled Pizza Marinara

Pizza dough (you can make your own, but store bought will work just fine)

Marinara sauce (1/4 cup per 10-inch pizza)

Shredded or sliced fresh mozzarella

Fresh basil leaves

Heat the grill and oil the rack with olive oil. Place a pizza dough on the grill and close the lid of the grill. Grill the dough for two minutes. When the surface of the dough shows some large air bubbles, check to see if it is browning on the bottom. Once the bottom is nicely browned, remove it from the grill. Flip it over so that the uncooked side is on the bottom. Add a thin layer of marinara sauce and some shreds or slices of mozzarella. Return to the grill and cook for two to three minutes, until bottom is browned. When the cheese has melted, remove the pizza from the grill and arrange basil leaves on top.

Dessert Pizzashutterstock_147158741 (1)

Continue the pizza theme with a dessert pizza. The process is the same, but instead of traditional pizza toppings, add sweets for a delicious and unique treat. Experiment with different combinations, or try one of these:

–        Burrata cheese, blackberries, and fresh basil leaves

–        Baked apples, cinnamon streusel, and vanilla glaze

–        Chocolate hazelnut spread and raspberries

There are so many possibilities for fall recipes that you may find yourself cooking them in your outdoor kitchen well into the winter. Charlotte outdoor living has never tasted better.



Our Favorite Poolside Recipes for Independence Day

For owners of a Charlotte swimming pool, nothing is more delightful than inviting friends and family over for a pool party on Independence Day.  Most Fourth of July get-togethers feature nothing less than barbecue, barbecue, and more barbecue, but there are still ways to put a twist on this tradition.  Here are some delicious, and refreshing poolside recipes to spruce up an Independence Day pool party.

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Spice up a Hamburger.  Hamburgers are almost a must-have for an Independence Day party by a Charlotte swimming pool, so adding something new is always a great surprise.  Make BBQ Ranch Bacon Cheeseburgers by adding Ranch dressing and barbecue sauce to the ground beef before separating it into patties.  Then grill up some bacon and add cheese for fresher flavor and dimension than regular burgers offer.

Coleslaw.  This classic side dish has been a staple at Fourth of July pool parties across America for many years.  Spruce up a coleslaw by using one head of red cabbage and one small red onion made with a sauce of orange juice (1/2 cup), rice vinegar (1/4), canola oil (1/4 cup), and honey (1 Tablespoon).  Toss it all together and add cilantro and black pepper for a healthy alternative to traditional coleslaw.

Grilled Fruit.  Grilling doesn’t have to be just for chicken and hot dogs.  Making dessert on the grill is a fun way to let the grilling continue through the entire meal.  Grilling up bananas, peaches, or other fruits and serving them with chilled yogurt or ice cream makes the perfect dessert at the end of a mouthwatering Fourth of July meal.

Berry Lemonade.  Of course, nothing beats a refreshing glass of lemonade by the pool.  To provide an even juicier version, add frozen berries instead of ice cubes to the lemonade, including raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, or all three.  Top it off with a spring of fresh mint for a poolside recipe no one will forget.