Fall Pool Maintenance Checklist



Charlotte pool maintenance is a little different from pool maintenance in colder climates. Chances are you often use your pool well into the fall – or would like to. Especially if you heat your pool, the swimming season can be extended and the warm fall days present a great opportunity for swimming or relaxing in your pool. However, extending your pool season means some extra fall pool maintenance.

Fall pool maintenance involves basically the same steps as maintaining your pool in the summer, with one significant difference: leaves. Unsurprisingly, those beautiful fall leaves are the biggest hurdle to keeping your pool clean in the fall. It can be hard to keep up with the volume of leaves that can fall into your pool depending on the types of trees you have and their proximity to the pool. Very often, you will need to:

–          Skim the pool

–          Empty the skimmer baskets

–          Empty the pump baskets

–          Check the filter

–          Remove leaves from the bottom of the pool

Directing the jets toward the skimmer basket can help the debris flow toward the baskets, cutting down on the number of times you will need to skim the pool.

Some great items that can assist you with your never ending fall pool maintenance checklist include:

–          A pool cover

–          Small leaf skimmers

–          Leaf rakes

–          Leaf traps

–          Leaf eaters

Stay on top of your pool maintenance checklist in the fall and you will be able to enjoy your backyard oasis right on into the fall, weather permitting. Just as you have all summer, keep the water properly sanitized, the chemicals properly balanced, and the water level monitored and adjusted as needed. A properly maintained pool is wonderfully rewarding and a great place to exercise, play, relax, or entertain.


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