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Customize Your Charlotte Pool Design with a Pebble Tec Finish

Once you’ve designed your backyard, selected your desired features, and built the new swimming pool, you’re mostly done with the pool construction process. However, before you fill your newly-minted swimming pool with water, you’ll need to customize it with a finish of your choice. There is no better pool finish option – either for Charlotte pool design or for the pool design industry as a whole – than Pebble Tec finish.


Born in 1960s Australia, where master carpenters developed a method for applying aggregate finishes – in essence, finishes comprised of exposed pebbles and several other ingredients – to decks, pools, and other surfaces to create a natural, durable, and visually striking finish. In the 1980s, these pool specialists traveled to the Australia, witnessed the wonderful simplicity but remarkable strength of the aggregate finish, and returned to the United States to acquire a patent and found Pebble Tec.


Now, Pebble Tec is a popular design feature and pool finish all over the country, and is overwhelming popularity in Charlotte pool design market. Pebble Tec employs trained installers and licensed applicators for its aggregate finish throughout the United States. It all starts with Pebble Tec representatives, who dig through riverbeds to find the best pebbles for pool and deck finishes. These pebbles are then blended with cement to create a finish that can be applied to pools and spas. The end result is a pool finish that allows pool owners to have the feel and look of a riverbed right in their own private residential pool.


After careful application, which involves hand troweling to make sure that the Pebble Tec finish has been applied evenly in all areas of the pool, the finish is cleaned several times as it hardens. The final result is even, smooth, and free of cement impurities or messy loose stones. If you are looking for the strongest and most natural looking pool finish for your next Charlotte pool design, choose Pebble Tec: there’s a reason this finish is renowned all across the country.

Is a Salt Water Pool for You?

shutterstock_4282489Salt water pools have been growing in popularity in recent years, and not just at luxury resorts. People are putting salt water pools in their own backyards with increasing frequency. However, before asking your Charlotte pool builder for a salt water pool – or converting your traditional pool to salt water – make sure this is the right choice for you and your family. Salt water pools, like any pools, come with pros and cons.

Advantages of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools have lower levels of chlorine. It’s a myth that salt water pools don’t contain chlorine at all, but it is true that you do not have to add it manually. These pool systems convert the salt into chlorine with special chlorine generators. This lower chlorine level is gentler on your skin and eyes and is less likely to aggravate allergies or sensitivities.

In addition, while their name makes salt water pools sound like they are filled with ocean water, they actually contain much less salt than that. The amount of salt in these pools is about the same as your tears – meaning that opening your eyes under water is safe. A self-cleaning salt water pool also requires less maintenance than a chlorine pool, so you can go out of town for weeks without worrying about returning to green water.

Disadvantages of Salt Water Pools

A regular pool can be more economical to install, making it the best choice for many. Once installation of a salt water pool is complete however, you will spend less money on chlorine, meaning that in the long run, you can actually save money.The higher upfront cost remains a deterrent for some people.

Also, the wastewater or backwash from a salt water swimming pool may kill nearby plants. For this reason, you should be familiar with the ordinances concerning salt water pools in your area to make sure you are in compliance. Even though salt water pools do require less maintenance, they do use more electricity, which may be a concern for some.

It’s up to you to decide whether the benefits of a salt water pool outweigh the disadvantages. Ask your Houston pool builder for more information. 

Benefits of Building a Pool in the Fall

Building a pool is a rewarding and exciting undertaking. A well-designed pool can be a major part of your backyard oasis, allowing you a retreat from the pressures of daily life for years to come. Not everyone thinks to have their pool built in the fall or winter, but this in itself is one of the reasons that building a pool in the off-season is such a good idea.

building a pool, lombardo pools

Lower Demand
Charlotte pool builders stay very busy during the spring and summer. In the fall, there will not be as many other clients wanting pools designed or built. This can mean even more personalized attention to your custom pool design as well as more scheduling options for the construction.

More Relaxed Timeline
You and your Charlotte pool builder will both enjoy the more relaxed timeline of fall and not feel stressed or rushed to finish the project. Even if unforeseen complications – such as severe weather delays or building complications – arise during the construction of your pool, you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is plenty of time to remedy whatever situations occur, and that your pool will be completed and ready for use when warm weather returns.

No Scheduling Conflicts with Landscapers
Spring is a busy time for many outdoor projects, including landscaping. Having your pool completed during the slower fall months meant that you or your landscapers can get out in the backyard without having to work around the pool builders. Any other outdoor projects you decide to add to your outdoor living space, such as a fireplace or outdoor kitchen, can be completed as well without you having the added stress of multiple projects taking place at once.

Any time is a great time to build a pool, but building a pool in the fall means that come spring, your pool is up and running and you can enjoy a full season of swimming and entertaining without the busy schedule of a Charlotte pool builder slowing you down.


Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrade Options

swimming pool equipment, lombardo pools

Looking to improve your Charlotte swimming pool? There are many equipment upgrade options available, depending on what you would like to get out of your pool. Swimming pool equipment gets better all the time, and pool owners have more options than ever for a pool that is automated, quieter, heated, or more attractive.

There are many possibilities for automating your pool care and maintenance. An easy user interface with customized features provide a simple touch panel control experience. These even allow for the combination of pool and spa system control with automated water purification – with simple indoor push button operation. This is great news for those weary of trudging out in the dark or the cold to operate spa or swimming pool equipment.

Adding pool lighting can be a great way to extend the use of your Charlotte swimming pool well into the evening hours and provide an attractive twist to your outdoor living space. Pool lights can be white or colored, and vibrant, constantly-changing color shows are available as well. Pool illumination adds safety for nighttime swimming as well as an extra element of beauty for any outdoor entertaining.

Consider adding a pool heater in order to enjoy your pool for even more of the year, or for a more comfortable swimming experience even in the early morning or after the sun sets. These can also be controlled automatically, so your pool is ready when you are.

A Water Feature
A water feature such as jets with LED technology is a great swimming pool equipment upgrade that can add elegance and fun to your pool area. Brilliantly lit arcs of water provide outstanding nighttime visual appeal and entertainment.

Charlotte swimming pool owners are exploring many modern options for upgrading their pool equipment. Try one of these options today or ask about other ways to upgrade your swimming pool equipment – the possibilities are endless.


Top Fire Features for Charlotte Outdoor Living

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Fire features make a great addition to any Charlotte outdoor living space. They add excitement and ambiance as well as warmth for the cooler hours after the sun goes down. Fire can be used in various ways to enhance a backyard living area, depending on the type of mood you want to create and the type of entertaining you want to do.

Fire Features Combined with Water
A fire feature is an elegant addition to any swimming pool. Whether you are just beginning to plan your custom pool design or you already have a pool area you would like to remodel, adding a fire feature can make your Charlotte outdoor living space unique and inviting. Several small fires along the border of the pool or one large fire as a focus feature go a long way to giving your pool a modern and sophisticated edge.

Outdoor Fireplace                                                                  
An outdoor fireplace is intimate, cozy, and great for smaller groups. Along with warmth and relaxation, it is also provides a protected space from wind and provides a nice focal point for a sitting area. A fireplace has the added benefit of directing smoke and embers upward and away from guests. Outdoor fireplaces are tall, so this is a great option for those without a nice view they are trying to optimize.

Fire Pits
Fire pits are perfect for larger groups because they offer 360 degrees of space for enjoyment. They also sit lower than fireplaces, making them perfect for helping you enjoy a breathtaking view and great conversation. Because the flame in a fire pit is open to the elements, fire pits offer a campfire-like feel to the area and are great for entertaining friends and for family fun. Be sure to keep plenty of marshmallows and roasting sticks on hand!


Top Design Features for a Family Fun Pool

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Kids of all ages love swimming pools, and when you add fun pool design features, the pool becomes a great place for the family to hang out, relax, and have fun together. Add one of these great features to your Charlotte swimming pool and let the good times begin.

Water Slide

Even if your pool is already in place, you can add a slide. Choose the slide location carefully. It should face the main congregating area – this way, the water flowing from the slide doubles as a water feature, and besides, part of the fun of the slide is seeing the excited expressions on the faces of the sliders! Be sure to allow enough patio space for the slide to avoid cutting off the space needed to walk around the slide. If your existing design doesn’t allow enough space, the patio or pool deck can easily be widened to accommodate the slide.


There are as many design options for waterfalls as there are different swimming pool designs. Waterfalls add energy and motion to your pool, as well as providing ambiance and natural sound. They also add an element of fun to the pool.

Diving Boards

The kids (and the young at heart) will have a blast seeing who can make the biggest splash with their cannonballs; or they can practice their diving. Make sure kids know the diving board safety rules; other than that, diving boards are major family fun.

Hot Tubs

Add a hot tub to your Charlotte swimming pool and you will have a place for your family to relax together at the end of a long day of swimming (or working). Hot tubs also make excellent amenities for entertaining, as well as a peaceful retreat for parents when the little ones have gone to bed and the backyard has finally quieted down.


“What Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool? Charlotte Pool Builder, Lombardo Pools

freeform pool and spa with concrete decking

Many of our customers ask, “How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?”  Building a swimming pool can be a great investment for a homeowner, but there are several factors to consider when discussing the price of building a swimming pool, such as materials used, shape and size of the pool and additional features such as adding a spa, pool slide or water feature.

I wrote an article about this subject that was featured on the Master Pools Guild’s website a couple of months ago.   Please click here, to read my article titled, “What Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool?”

What is Pool Coping and Which Options are Right for You?

Building a pool involves many different components, like deciding between pool shapes, water features, deck materials, and pool coping options. Pool coping is the material that makes up the bond beam, which is the 12-inch-wide top of the pool structure that separates it from the pool decking. It can be described as the frame of the pool in the same way that a picture frame can outline a painting. That is why the pool coping options are so varied and important.

pool coping, lombardo pools

Pool coping is available in materials like concrete, brick, flagstone, travertine, tile, or pre-cast concrete. Some more refined pools utilize natural stone such as limestone, sandstone, slate and granite for their pool coping. The range of colors and patterns within which these materials may be used is only limited by the imagination. They should also be sealed, to provide protection against water damage and water marks from the pool.

While a pool coping should be aesthetically pleasing, it is important to remember its practical uses during the construction process as well. Pool coping generally comes in two different finishes. A square edged finish is a straight down finish, whereas a bull nose finish, with its rounded, softer edges, is often chosen for families with young children as it creates a safer pool environment. A non-slip coating is another way to increase pool safety since it can reduce the risk of slipping and falling on the coping.

These materials and finishes must be chosen carefully, as the pool coping is what can keep the pool in place, even if homeowners decide to remove or change the deck. With a variety of pool coping options available, no two pools need to be made the same. A backyard pool can be made completely unique because of pool coping options like colors, patterns, and materials which enhance the rest of the pool landscaping.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Swimming Pool?, your Charlotte Pool Builder, Lombardo Pools

freeform pool with inground spa and pool landscaping

Many of our customers ask, “How long does it take to build a swimming pool?”  Lombardo Pools wants to take the guesswork out of the pool construction process and tell you what to expect as a pool owner.   There are several factors that should be considered when answering this question, such as weather, the site where the pool will go and the design and additions you choose for your new swimming pool.

I wrote an article answering this question, that was featured on the Master Pools Guild’s website a couple of months ago.   Please click here, to read my article titled, “How Long Does it Take to Build a Swimming Pool?”


5 Budget Friendly Pool Decking Trends

pool decking trends, lombardo pools

There are a number of factors that can determine the budget for a new poolside deck, including design, materials, insurance matters and more.  However, the main thing to consider is what value the deck is adding to a home.  Modern decks are no longer a simple platform with some strategically placed patio furniture.  Pool decking trends today are focusing on creating outdoor living environments that are strikingly similar to indoor spaces.

1.  One of the biggest pool decking trends right now is an increase in square footage.  Some decks even rival the indoor square footage of a home and contain multiple levels.  These outdoor “rooms” allow for a variety of functions, additional seating, storage, and privacy.

2.  Outdoor fireplaces are safer and easier to use than traditional fire pits.  Because they are built right into the deck with the same or similar materials, they become a beautiful centerpiece for an outdoor “room”.  Even on cold nights, homeowners can continue to use their decks because of the warmth from an outdoor fireplace.

3.  Outdoor lighting is another pool decking trend which can lengthen the amount of time people can spend on their decks.  Sophisticated outdoor lighting provides illumination for all sorts of activities.  Low-voltage lighting can be wired into steps and posts with dimmers or colors to enhance the mood.

4.  Fully functioning outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular pool decking trends right now.  These kitchens take grilling to a new level as they contain a grill or cooking surface, cabinets and storage, beautiful countertops, and even a refrigerator and working sink.

5.  The pool, of course, is often the centerpiece of a beautiful, modern deck.  In Charlotte, pool design is becoming more inventive and creative than ever.  Different water features such as waterfalls, lighting, and landscaping are some pool decking trends that, when used correctly, can create the perfect deck environment for each individual family.