What is a Custom Pool?

Custom Pools & Spas Photos

Every Lombardo inground pool and spa is custom designed for your unique backyard and lifestyle.

At Lombardo Pools, we believe that every home is as unique as the family that lives there. Your pool design should be equally unique and beautiful! Every Lombardo inground pool and spa is custom designed for your unique backyard and lifestyle. A custom swimming pool design gives you the style, function and features that meet your exact needs, tastes and lifestyle so that you can enjoy your investment for many years to come.

More Choice. Better Value.

Custom inground pool design means choice and value. Because Lombardo Swimming Pool Co. builds each Master Pool to individual specifications, your choices are limitless. Why settle for a cookie-cutter design when you can enjoy a swimming pool that reflects your unique space and personal taste?

A custom swimming pool also means working with a professional swimming pool designer who takes the time to understand how your swimming pool will complement your yard and lifestyle

Style and Function, Tailored for You

A custom pool design should take into account all aspects of your lifestyle and tastes. We work closely with you to ensure your design considers all of these needs:

  • Intended Use

    How do you plan on using the pool? Do you see it as a relaxing and pretty design feature in your backyard, or will your pool be used for play and lap swimming?

  • Swimmers

    Who is going to be using your pool? Do they have special needs that could be accommodated in the pool design? Do you have children? What features would they prefer? Safety should also be a factor in the design.

  • Location

    The location of the pool plays a big role in the design. How much space is there? Are there large 55trees that you don’t want removed? The architecture of the home and any other outbuildings should also be considered for a pool design that brings all the different elements together into one cohesive backyard design.

  • Equipment and Safety

    There are many different kinds of pool systems, so talk with your Lombardo designer 5about which one is best for you. Pool covers and safety fences are also a consideration. Discuss these up front so you can prepare for any additional costs. (Custom covers for free form pools are often more expensive than covers for standard geometric shapes.)

The Process

As a Lombardo Pools client, you have the opportunity to work with a professional swimming pool designer from start to finish. Your pool designer meets with you to discuss your vision for your backyard and to learn about your personal tastes and lifestyle. From there, we draw up an estimate and plans for the pool. As the building proceeds, we manage the process from start to finish while keeping you in the loop about any important developments.

If you want an in ground pool that is designed around your needs and lifestyle, custom pool design is the way to go. For innovative design, a superior build and personalized customer service, trust the experts at Lombardo Pools. We serve homeowners throughout the Charlotte area and would love to work with you!