5 Pool Tile Trends Worth Investing In

Pool tile options can make the different between a generic garden-variety pool and a gorgeous visual tour-de-force that makes your entire backyard look like an oasis of tasteful design and enjoyable relaxation. If you are looking to inject your pool with its own unique design sensibility, the five pool tile trends listed below can provide you with numerous different ways to do so.


1. Glass: In modern pool design, ornate glass tiling has become arguably the most popular pool tile trend available. With a wide range of colors and shapes available, many pool owners use glass tiling mosaics on the walls and floors of their pool to add a splash of luxury that most other pool tile options can’t touch.


2. Porcelain: While porcelain isn’t generally considered as visually striking as glass by pool tile trend markers, it has one advantage above virtually all other pool tile options: durability. Porcelain is an incredibly strong tiling material, but is also lightweight – making it easy to handle and build into your pool – and zero percent absorbent, meaning it can last at the bottom of your pool for years at a time.


3. Stone: Give your backyard swimming pool a natural wading pool feel with stone pool tiling. Combined with water features and paired with complimentary landscaping, stone is arguably the most classic pool tile option on the market, and is therefore a trend that will never go out of style.


4. Glazed Tile: Glazed tile is perhaps the pool tile that most people expect to see in swimming pools, thanks to their experiences with hotels pools and spas. The glazed pool tile trend is a particularly great one to invest in if you have a taste for images or patterns in your pool, such as wave-like designs along the sides of the pool or dolphin tiles scattered intermittently.


5. Metal Tile: Less common than the other four options, but no less visually impressive, metal tiles and their ornate moldings can be an excellent pool tile option if you want to add a grandiose singularity to your swimming pool.


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