5 Climbing Plants for a Romantic Arbor or Pergola

Arbors, pergolas, and arches are a great way to add a classic and homegrown feel to your garden or another part of your yard. If you are considering adding an arbor to your backyard landscaping, however, you should know that all arches and other free-standing structures will be enhanced tenfold by the addition of pergola plants. Here are five climbing plants that you can add to your arbor or pergola to really make it pop.


1. Climbing Roses: Both romantic and classic at the same time, climbing roses can add a brilliantly unique aesthetic to your backyard landscaping, whether on your arbor or your garden fence. Climbing roses can be a lot of work for gardeners, and won’t yield any blossoms in the first year, which is a drawback for some. However, the gorgeous pink blossoms that come once the plant reaches maturity are second to none.


2. Star Jasmine: Some backyard landscaping enthusiasts want climbing plants that are more about the green vines than the colorful flowers. For those people, star jasmine is the perfect pergola plant. It does yield small, unassuming star-shaped flowers, but is most impressive for its long and ornate evergreen vines.


3. American Honeysuckle: If you want to turn your backyard into a butterfly den, American honeysuckle should be your climbing plant of choice. American honeysuckle plants wind their way around arbors and pergolas freely, producing unique looking and wonderfully smelling flowers that always bring butterflies in droves.


4. Clematis: Turn your backyard landscaping into a sweeping swath of color with clematis, a climbing plant with many varieties and colors to offer.


5. Climbing Hydrangea: Not all pergola plants will do well in the shade, but if you need a climbing plant that will function well out of the constant glow of the sunlight, the climbing hydrangea should be your choice. The plant produces lovely white blossoms and is easy to care for.

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